24 August 2012

Week Nine




If it hasn't become obvious to you already, I'm starting to have to get quite creative to complete this outfit challenge: sweaters have become dresses and shirts have become skirts. And now, tutus have become shirts. This newest invention is thanks to my oldest sister (coincidentally, the giver of said tutu...actually the giver of an entire BAG full of colorful tutus for my most recent birthday. Best sister ever? Well, top 5, for sure.) who, well discussing my difficulty piecing together my remaining outfits during a recent Skype conversation, showed me how she wears a tutu like a shirt.

After putting together a tutu-shirted outfit for myself, I was unsure about whether I liked the whole ensemble better with or without my sweater and I emailed her asking for her opinion. Not only is she the giver of the most perfect birthday present--a bag of them--but also perfect fashion advice:

"For overall everyday chic, I prefer the sweater. The color and print on the bow in combination with the sweater gives it the perfect touch of ironically preppy, without seeming too forcefully ironic. As if you're saying: 'Psssh. You THINK I'm a nonsensical child for wearing a tutu, but if that's true how do you explain my dignified librarian sweater? Hmmmm?'"

Well? Clearly there's no explanation. Dignified librarian sweaters with non-sensical tutus it is!

20 August 2012

Week Eight




Socialist nightmare FTW.

That is all.

Oh, and, as always, God bless Ikea.

10 August 2012

Week Seven

France and The Netherlands

The Netherlands
The Netherlands and Denmark

Here's a fact: Vibrant orange henna-dyed hair is much much harder to coordinate clothing with than vibrant red hair. 

Here's another fact: Vibrant orange hair, though more difficult to properly coordinate overall than red hair, does go spectacularly with neutral colors (brown, cream, etc) as well as blue (but, duh, UF figured that out ages ago). Neither of which I have an extraordinary amount of on this trip. Not that I have an extraordinary amount of anything on this trip, really.

Looks like I'll just have to channel my inner Tim Gunn and make it work.

04 August 2012

Week Six

Switzerland and France


I hope you didn't miss my hair bow in the bottom middle photo. That is a result of my body deciding to wake me up well before my co-travelers leading to a morning spent pinteresting (because even across the ocean pinterest is still hands down the best way to kill time). One pin led to another, and I wound up learning how to make a hair bow with my own hair. I'd like to pretend it was uber difficult and I have awesome hair bow making skills, but it wasn't. And I don't. Mostly I just have too much hair and too much time on my hands. But I say that could be some sort of skill in its own right.