13 May 2012

Graduation Sombrero

Last Saturday was my graduation from the University of Florida (can i get a "huzzah!" and "go Gators!"?). I just so happened to be graduating on Cinco de Mayo. I feel this was very appropriate, since Cinco de Mayo marks Mexico's victory over The French and graduating marks my victory over my French degree. Since these two dates alligned so perfectly, I decided to turn my graduation cap into a graduation sombrero. Viva Mexico y viva graduacion!

The Ingredients
32 mini pompoms in the color of your choice (I used my school colors--Go Gata!)
1 child's size sombrero
Large needle
Small needle & thread
Hot glue
Optional: black sharpie for a very necessary finger moustache

Oh yeah, and your graduation cap. Duh.

The Steps

Thread your yarn through a large needle. To facilitate this process, I taped the end of my yarn so it wouldn't fray as I was threading it (well, my mother did. I never would have thought to do that on my own and would have therefore never finished my hat out of frustration and defeat).

Thread your yarn through your pom-poms.

As you thread them, push them together along the yarn.

Once you have all your poms poms on the yarn, move thneedle and make a knot and the end. Push one pompom along the string until it reaches the knot. Then make another knot about 3-4 inches away from that one and repeat the process.

As you go along, cut the yarn at the base of the pompom, right below the knot, creating the creppy tadpole like things pictured above.

Now, knot the yarn you've attached your pompoms to onto another long strand of yarn.

Because you are no good at sewing and have two hours until you need to be at you graduation, have your mother sew the Strand of pom-poms onto your hat. Space them put so there is 8 on each side.

Next, cut off the brim of your sombrero and hot glue it to your cap. Make sure you only hot glue the back so that you can move your tassle from right to left.

Ay chico! That's it. All you need is a Mexican finger moustache, and you're all set.

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