30 June 2012

Week One

Week One of 20 for 80

....I need to find a better name for it, I KNOW. But my creativity seems to fail me after trying to put together a multitude of outfits with a limited number of clothing. If you're feeling particualrly creative, how about sending me a suggestion...yes? I'll even give you a prize if I like your name (a prize which will most likely come in the form of a virtual high five accompanied by a "shuuuh--weet, thanks!". But hey, a prize is a prize). Or keep your suggestions to yourself and silently mock me about my name choice. I don't blame you if that is more appealing.

Edit: Huzzah! I shall call this little project of mine "Suitcase Style." Looks like I will be the receiver of my own high-five and expression of thanks. Go me!

Belgium and Luxembourg

Germany and Poland

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