29 January 2012

Adorable Up-Do/No Heat Curls

I saw this hairstyle originally in a video on pinterest. I love doing my hair this way because not only is it super simple and easy to do but every time I style my hair like this with out fail I get a compliment on it. The other day I was walking around campus with this hair style and a girl passed me on her bike and yelled "I like your hair!" What's even better, you can wear your hair like this all day and when you take it out the next day, it turns into curls. Win-win, for sure.

Start out with wet hair (I blow-dry my bangs though, otherwise they dry all wonky). Comb your hair and put a headband over your head like in the above picture.
Grab a portion of your hair--the more hair you take, the thicker the curls will be when you take it out the next day.
Wrap the strand of hair around your headband. I usually loop it around twice and then add more hair. Keep wrapping/adding hair until you reach the back of you head. Leave about 2-3 inches of hair hanging down.

Now, start on the other side of your head

You might need to push your hair forward to have enough room to wrap all your hair. Simply grab what you've wrapped so far and push it towards the front of your head.
Almost done! You should have just a bit of hair hanging down. Simply take this and tuck it into the hair you've already wrapped.
Now, just add bobby pins and lightly hairspray it so it'll stay in all day. I usually put in about 5 or 6.
VoilĂ !
If you're going for hipster, leave the headband over your bangs.
Since you're probably not going for hipster (although the fact that this blog had zero followers could make it un-mainstream enough that you might be hispter...if so, my apologies for assuming that you're not and don't follow this next step), lift the headband over your head and place right behind your bangs. I usually clip my bangs at the side (with a flower I stole from Cassie..sorry! I shall return it soon...until then I'm getting some good use out of it).

So there you have it! Leave it in all day and overnight. The next morning, take out the bobby-pins and headband and your hair will be curly.