28 July 2012

Week Five


Germany and Switzerland

The list of things that I've come to genuinely appreciate while hitchhiking through Europe is fairly predictable, such as access to free and functioning toilets, the guarantee of a warm and dry place to sleep, a good cup of coffee (ironically harder to find in Europe than you might think), etc. One thing you might not expect to make this list, however, but one thing that is most certainly on there, is my tutu.  

Let's face it, a tutu is definitely a non-essential when backpacking through Europe. Which is exactly why it has become such an essential for me. It's a completely frivolous item at a point when frivolous items are rare.  Every time I wear it, I feel delightfully fancy even if I haven't showered since who knows when and have been eating mostly apples and bread. But really, when something is made of that much tulle, how could it not be wonderful? Hm, maybe it shouldn't be so surprising that it makes my list.


  1. I don't see any disclaimer regarding the origin of said tutu. That's fine. Infringe all over my intellectual property, and see where that gets you. I didn't JUST marry a lawyer for the chance to throw out ironic "I object!" and "you are out of order!" puns.

    I rest my case.