06 September 2012

Week Eleven (La Fin!)


Norway and Ireland


It's five in the morning and I am wide awake. FIVE IN THE MORNING AND WIDE AWAKE. Those two things should NEVER be allowed in a sentence together. But I arrived home from Ireland last night after 15 hours of travel and clearly jetlag has decided to have its way with me.

Since I'm up dark and early, I figured I might as well take this time to write my final outfit post. Continuing with last week's trend, I've made a series of top-fives about the last three and a half months. Therefore, this post is a bit longer than my previous ones and I do not apologize.

Top-Five Moments
1. The unexpected evening in Felixkirk, England ("population 30-40") where we stayed with a hitchhiking lift and his partner, went to the local pub quiz with them and another couple, and had wonderfully splendid conversations.
2. The impromptu dance party in the middle of a Polish highway.
3. The 2 days of stealth camping in a park 5 minutes from the center of (feckin') Bruges, Belgium.
4. "The best day ever" in Warsaw, Poland in which Kendall and I ate like kings for the price of almost nothing.
5. The 4th of July on which we climbed a mountain, made breakfast for dinner, and shared cocktails the size of my head, all in the company of some splendidly awesome Austrians.

Top-Five Hitchhiking Lifts
1. Ruth and Donna -- the ones who saved a horse in the middle of the road and bought us ice cream.
2. Tim -- the one who was going to raid a castle for his 21st and brought us to see his friend's 10 puppies.
3. The Swedish James Deans -- the ones who owned a caravan of four classic American cars in which we rode while listening to oldies and driving through the Swedish countryside.
4. The Translator -- the one who loved languages as much as I do and seemed just as excited as me to discuss the grammar and best words of various languages.
5. La Maman Belge -- the one with whom conversing in French didn't feel the least bit difficult and who, when talking to her two children on speaker phone, told them about how she picked up hitchhikers on a post-studies adventure and encouraged them to do the same.

Top-Five Cities
1. Paris, France.
2. Edinburgh, Scotland.
3. Berlin, Germany.
4. Warsaw, Poland.
5. Bergen, Norway.

Top-Five Countries
1. Poland.
2. Austria.
3. Ireland.
4. Sweden.
5. Norway.

Top-Five Songs
1. I Love A Rainy Night by Eddie Rabbitt.
2. Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye.
3. That Thing You Do by The Wonders
4. Nosa Nosa by Micharl Telo.
5. Emmy-Lou by First Aid Kit.

Top-Five Pizzas According To The Country They Were Consumed In
1. Austria.
2. England.
3. Denmark.
4. France.
5. Scotland.

Top-Five Airlines
1. British Airways.
2. British Airways.
3. British Airways.
4. British Airways.
5. British Airways.


  1. You're home!!!! This effectively means nothing for our relationship as I am still on the other side of the world for forever and ever amen, but somehow, your return to the States feels like a significant episode in the saga of our travels.

    I'm astounded with your 11 weeks of creative outfits, Christy Loo-Hoo. Especially the cardigan as pencil skirt situation you've got going on here. [[Slow clap]] It makes me feel terrible about the fact that I brought 100 lbs of crap to Noo Zeewind and I wear the same jeans every damn day. Every time I try to do something creative with my outfit, Sumit comments, "pulling a Christy today? I see that scarf in your hair." No where in the Hallelujah chorus am I ever pulling off a tutu, though. You rad girl.

    Also, I disregard your pizza ranking. There's no way two countries in the UK make the top 5. Poor Italy. Never even got a chance.

    Let's catch up soon, cabbage. I might inherit an iPad so maybe we can do that FaceTime thing? You know I avoid Skype like the plague.

    Love you girl. I should probably just CPS this into an email. This is an inappropriately long blog comment. Oh well. Don't care.

    1. Oh, you avoid skype like the plague? Hadn't noticed.

    2. Ok, I was going to be a Snarky McSnarkerson and leave my reply at that, but...I'm not that heartless. (FALSE. I actually am that heartless. I'm just feeling particularly generous today.)

      I like how it seems as if I have some sort of monopoly on outfit creativity according to Sumit. First Sumit, then THE WORLD! It's all a part of my plan!
      Really though, you wear that scarf and you wear it proud! Plus, you've always been much better at accessorizing anyhow, so if you steal my fancy scarf wearing trick (really, Keiko's scarf wearing trick...shhh, don't tell Sumit!) then I feel honored. Maybe I'll start stealing your fancy "mascara on the bottom lashes" trick. Probably not, but only 'cause I love how much the fact that I don't do that baffles you.

      As for my pizza ranking, it might have helped that in England we ate at a pizzeria run by a bunch of Italians. And the Scotland pizza wasn't particularly magnificent, but sort of just got 5th by default.

      Ok, let's legitimately catch up soon please. Maybe you should get on that inheriting the iPad thing.