05 November 2012

Baby Room Painting

My sister is due with her first baby literally any day now. Before I made the big move across the country to the Bay area in California, I made a quick and easy painting for my new niece's room. My sister painted the room teal and coral, and she loves Africa and giraffes, so I figured I would incorporate these two elements into my art. This is an extremely easy project for even the most artistically-challenged person. All you need is some paint, scissors, and an hour or two.
1. Find a cute cartoon-looking image that you want to use. I Googled "Baby Giraffe" and then made two copies, one large giraffe and one smaller giraffe. Print and cut out. 2. Tape the stencils onto your canvas and lightly trace with pencil. I decided to add some circles in the background, which I just traced the bottom of a bowl for. 3. Carefully remove your stencils and paint within the lines (which can be harder than you think!). 4. Let dry for about two hours and then use a paint marker, which you can find at most craft stores, to outline your image. I added in the details on the giraffe on my own, so feel free to add as much or as little details to the character as you want. My sister loved this and it was a unique, simple, and cute way to spice up my nieces room!

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