07 November 2012

Sweet Jesus! Fall Is Upon Us!

Finally!!! It's here...the season I wait for all year long. How does one celebrate such a wonderful time of year? The best way, of course -- a day on the town with a friend, caramel iced coffee in hand, shopping at Whole Foods (where we are apparently kale experts), and enjoying a new playlist while commuting from each destination to the next. Today I decided I wanted to do something fun with my wardrobe. And Voila! 
A fun, fall outfit for a fun, fall day. Thanks to Michelle (my trusty little photographer and fellow kale lover) for the wonderful photos. :)

    IMG_6161 ver2




Skirt, Scarf, & Necklace: Forever 21
Boots: Ross
Belt: Wet Seal
Shirt: Target

Happy Fall! 

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