11 February 2012

Baby It's Cold(ish) Outside

Jacket: Rue21
Dress: Forever 21
Tights: Penneys (in Dublin)
Boots: Random shoe store in France
Necklace: Target

Florida decided to give me a welcome back present from France that would make me remember exactly what I was missing during my time overseas: miserably and unreasonably hot weather that lasted the ENTRE month of January. Thanks, Florida, I missed you too. This means that my attire since being home has been mostly dresses and sandals. Nothing particularly photograph worthy, and, even if it were, I don't think I could stand being outside long enough to take photos. Fortunately, I woke up this morning to discover that it was chilly enough to put on boots and a jacket. Huzzah!

So, here you have it--my very first outfit post. I've seen a few people mix up white summer dresses to make a fall/winter look. This would be my attempt.

I need to thank my lovely photographer, Rachael. I forced her out the door this morning to take photos of me before it got too hot to wear my jacket, and she did so sans complaints. Thanks, dear, you're a gem.

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