29 February 2012

Token Tuesday




Jacket: Rue21
Dress: Cotton on
Tights: dELiA*s
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: Cotton on
Bangles: Target

There are only two reasons to ever visit Florida:
1) Harry Potter World
2) The restaurant The TOP in Gainesville

Other than that Florida is a miserable swamp land that should be avoided at all costs. What's that? You think beaches, "nice" weather, or Disney World should have been on the list? False. I have lived in Florida my entire life, and I am certain my list does not need any alteration, thank you very much.

So, since my dear friend Kendall is leaving in two weeks to work on a seaweed farm in Ireland (yeah, she's more awesome than any of us will ever be--just resign yourself to this now), there was clearly no better way to spend her last night in Gainesville than by going to Token Tuesday at the TOP (which is a night where you receive tokens when you purchase a drink which then can be exchanged for another drink).

Last night, the TOP was just as amazing as ever and it was well worth it staying out until 2am even when I had to be up at 8 to meet with my prof to discuss my paper interpreting a French Renaissance poem (which is surprisingly more interesting than it sounds). So, thank you dear TOP, for your abundance of sweet potato fries, corn nuggets, and token drinks. You made Kendall's last night in Gainesville beyond phenomenal.

And although I was burning, you're the only light. Only if for a night. by glowingalbino

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