09 March 2012

Christy Bear



Christy Marie

She's a little cutie girl

Yes-o Yes-o-rie

Dress: American Apparel
Shoes and Earrings: Cotton On
Leggings: Target
Necklace: dELiA*S

When I was a little girl, my nickname was Christy Bear. I even had this little blue hair bow with a bear on it that I wore because of my nickname (cleeearly, my affinity for fashion started at a young age). Upon seeing the last photo, my a-door-bell little sister Becca remarked that everything from the color to the hair "just screamed Christy Bear." Well now, how could I not make that the title to this post?

I actually owe a lot to Becca in this post. Not only the blog title, but the adorable dress that she purchased for me for my birthday last year and the necklace which she unknowingly let me borrow. Thanks dear Bex!


  1. The last picture is super artsy and lovely, Cabbage.

    Don't think I haven't noticed you're not smiling with teeth. I'd like a big toothy grin on your next fashion post. Hokay, merci.

    1. Aw thanks dear pucette.

      I already took the pictures for my next post and Im sorry to say that I did not include a tooth grin. But for the next next post, I will be all toothy smiles. Scout's honor.