01 March 2012

The Windy City

Dress, Tights, & Purse: Target
Cardigan & Scarf: Forever 21
Coat: Rave
Belt: Wet Seal
Boots: Ross

It's official -- much like my dear Christy, I hate Florida. Even more than I thought I did. I spent a lovely week in IL with my family and was able to enjoy some very cold, very nice weather. There seems to be an endless amount of things I love about the cold -- the ability to see ones breath (it's facinating), snow, clear skies, and the absence of sweat, smudged makes up, and frizzy hair. However, one of my favourite parts of this particular trip was that I got to dress warmly again. Florida is a cruel place that allots only 2 weeks of cold weather. These photos were taken by my sister, Angel, in Chicago. I was going for sophisticated, mildly edgy, non-tourist. A lot of people thought I lived there, so mission accomplished. :)


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